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In this article setting :

I. Choosing header style

The Fastest theme has been equipped 10 header styles available with different layouts to compatible with all style stores. You can choose a header style for your store.

Below “select style” field is two image pickers where you can upload your logo for displaying in desktop and mobile.

III. Configuration language switcher

Check language section to display the languages that you want to support.

IV. Configuration currency switcher

Check currency section to display the currencies that you want to support.

After installation, some customer links(such as login, register, …) on the right may not display. If you want display them, you must configuration that allow customer create account when they checkout. View this section to get it.

IV. Configuration menu

There are two ways to display menu.
– Use linklist : in header section, move to “Navigation” fieldset. Tick “Use Linklist for main menu instead of megamenu app” check box and choose link list in below field.

If you don’t have the knowledge about link list in Shopify, check this article to understand about it.
This is a best simple way to display menu. However, you can not display menu with complex dropdown by using this way. Don’t worry, we have an other solution for you.

– Megamenu app : with this app, you can easy create a menu with the best complex dropdowns. Check this section to get how to use megamenu app.

IV. Configuration searching form

With Fastest theme, the search is not just product. The artiches can still appear in search result. You can control the search result display product, article or both.

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