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To edit collection page, in customize page, you click any collection link in menu or some area.

Then click collection page section on the left sidebar.

I. General Settings

– The number of products per page : the number of products will be shown in a page.
– Default Format : the format to display product list when user views page. There are two options : Grid and List.
– Display General Banner : show/hide banner. Use “Upload image” picker to upload banner. Note : the site will display image of collection as highest priority, if collection doesn’t have image, the image is uploaded at here will be displayed.
– Banner image size : enter size of image. Leave “master” to show original image.
– Display Collection Description : show/hide description of current collection.
– Display View as List/Grid : show/hide format switcher. User can use it to switch format product list.
– Display Sort by filter : show/hide sort by select box.
– Show label : show/hide the label of product such as sale, new, trend, bestseller( view this section to config your product labels )
– Show Wishlist :  show/hide wishlist button.
– Show Add to cart : show/hide add to cart button.
– Show Quick Shop button : show/hide quickshop( quickview ) button.
– Show Compare button : show/hide compare button.
– Show More View Slider : show/hide more views image slider.
– Show Social Sharing button : show/hide social sharing button such as facebook, twitter, pinterest …
– The elements appear with effect : Turn on/off lazy load image. If enabled, product image is only loaded when the product appears in user’s screen.
– Image size : enter the size of product image.
– Image More View Size : enter image size of more view images.

II. Filter Sidebar

– You can enter label and keys for each group tag filter. Example : label is Color, keys is “Blue,red, pink”,…
– With keys, these are the product tags. Example : you must enter tag for product is Blue, pink,… to filter by Color, or enter Under $100, $100 – $200, $200 – $300, $300 – $400, $400 – $500, Above $500 to filter by price. If you don’t clear about product tags in Shopify, please refer this article.

III. Second Sidebar

Only display second sidebar in 3 columns layout. This is a simple sidebar with a banner you can upload. But how to display collection in 3 columns layout, just go to Products > Collections. Choose a collection you want to display in 3 columns layout. Move to right, in “Theme templates” box, choose “Template suffix” is collection.3col

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