Color themes setting #

On the other sections, you will have lots of options to config the Color of whole theme, Header, Footer, Page, Main Container.


1.Go to Admin Panel > Customize theme

2. On tab General settings, Choose Colors

3. and now, you can change color all site by yourself.

4. Sample color configurations:
a. Promtion banner:

b. Header:

c. Menu horizontal:

d. Menu vertical ((only use for big-market, drug, grocerry theme)):

e. Menu right sidebar:

f. General colors:

g. Color hovers:

k. Color heading text:

l. Color title text:

m. Color price products:

n. Color border general:

o. Background body:

p. Background breadcrumbs:

q. Background all block products:

r. Button default:

s. Button 1:

t. Button 2:

u. Button 3:

v. Footer:

w. Block product style 4, 5, and 7 (only use for big-market, grocery theme):

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