General settings #

In tab ‘General settings’, choose ‘General settings’

Here, you can:

1.Change Layout Left to right or Right to left by check ‘Enable right to left style

2. Show/Hide button ‘Scroll to top’ by check ‘Active Scroll to Top’

3. Add social sharing icon using ‘Addthis url’, go to to get your url.

4. Use Shopify review app :

  • when you install 3rd app for review feature after installed Shopify review app, this may cause the conflict with Shopify review app. To avoid conflict, untick this checkbox to not use Shopify review app.
  • from version 1.2.3 (published on 20 Sep 2018), our theme has integrated Ryviu, Loox and Product Review apps. You can install at here

5. Recommend Products:

Some special fields :

  • Limit : Add limit product display.
  • Image size : add image size products.
  • Minute from number and minute to number : generate a random number between these values.
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