Introduction Shopify Section #

Codazon Fastest uses Sections to display content of theme. Think of sections as individual, customizable components of a theme. Within each section, you or your client can easily add, reorder, and remove chunks of content such as products, slideshows, videos, or collections.

You can preview your changes in real-time in either desktop or mobile view, offering more options to test our updated layouts in Shopify Themes on the fly.
Here’s how easy it is to add new sections to a theme:

It’s just as simple to reorder existing sections:

We’ve also made editing content within sections a breeze:

 Sections can be statically included in a theme’s templates (like the header and footer), or they can be dynamically added and removed on the theme’s homepage.
For Fastest theme, We have 10 sections Product Block Style, 10 sections Header, 4 sections Footer.
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