Themes Installation Guide #

In this guide, We assume that you already have Shopify installed, so to install, you need to do the following steps:

  1. Download theme package (zip file), extract this package.
  2. Login to your myshopify admin panel. Click Online Stores and click Themes.
  3. Click Upload theme in the top right corner.

    Note: If the message You can’t have more than 20 themes on your store appears, you must export or delete one of your installed themes before you can install another one.
  4. From the Upload theme dialog, browse to the folder you extracted in step 1 and browse to folder “shopify-fastest-packages-theme-vx.x.x” ( with x.x.x is current version of package ) then browse to folder “theme-packages”, click Choose File to select the fastest-shopify-*.zip file that you want to upload.
  5. Click upload
    The uploaded theme appears in the Unpublished themes section of your Themes page. You can install a maximum of 20 themes in your store. To publish the theme on your online store, click Publish theme. Your current published theme will become unpublished.
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