Meta field Editor #

Use Metafield app to create/edit product metafield.
1. Installation :
Into Apps > Click Visit Shopify App StoreSearch ‘Shopify metafield app’

Click Get and Install App

Click “Install app” button to install Metafield Editor app.

2. Create/Edit Product Metafield :

In Admin panel, click Apps and click Metafields Editor.

You will be redirected to a new page. At there, you click the product you want to create(edit) metafield. You also use search box or collection select to find product.

click Add new metafield to add your field. Each metafield has four attributes.

  • Namespace : with our theme, namespace is always “cdz” .
  • Key, value type and value : in sections related to metafield, we will let you know what are their values.


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