Translation themes and contents #

The Fastest themes support all languages.

Translate theme by Theme Language Editor

Login to your admin, click “Online Store”, click “Actions”  for the theme that you want to translate.

Then click “Edit language”.

You will see a list of key word you must translate for default language.

Find translate field by translation key. Translation key is a text with syntax : “xxxx.yyyy.zzzz“. Ex : you have a translation key is “general.newsletter_form.email_placeholder“, you must find translation field which is located in “general” tab, “Newsletter Form” group and “Email Placeholder” field.

Type your translating text for each key word and click “Save”.

If you want to translate for other language, click “Change theme language”.

Note: after you change language, your front site will run with the language you changed, so if you are not ready with this language, you should translate by editing json file.

Translate theme by json file

To do it, you have a basic understanding of the Json language. If you don’t feel very confident, we recommend refreshing your Json knowledge, else click “Online Stores”, click “Actions” (for the theme that you want to translate) and click “Edit HTML/Css”.

Find “locales” folder and click json file you want to translate. A json file contains all key words and translate text of a language and naming base on locale code of the language. Example : you want to translate English, click “en.default.json”, “fr.json” for French, “de.json” for German, …

Update language runtime

After you translate by theme language editor or json file. Your site just load language in the first time, when user click language picker to change language, the site is not work or word with old version of json file. You must update language runtime. Example : you want to update language runtime for English.

  • Click “Online Stores”, click “Actions” for the theme that you want to translate, click “Edit HTML/CSS”.
  • Find “Snippets” folder, open “locale.en.liquid” ( or for French,… ). Edit locale.en.liquid like as Translate theme by json file .

    Note: json file use {{ val }} to display variable, but in liquid file, you must replace all {{ val }} by [[ val ]] to translate with variables

Translate content

Some sections has title, sub title, heading, you can translate theme in section configuration.

Click “Online Store“, click “Customization” for the theme that you want to translate. Click a section that you want to translate. Example : translate “Block Product Style 1” section.

Type content using json format in “Translate Heading” box to translate for heading.

Note: you must type correct json format with syntax : {“locale_code”: “translate text”}.
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