Update new version #

Below is step by step to update new version without lost current settings :
– Step 1 : go to Themeforest, download new package.
– Step 2 : extract new package, find the zip files corresponding with current theme which you want to update.
– Step 3 : Got to Online Store and upload new file as a new theme.
– Step 4 : Go to Online Store, click “Actions” button of current theme, then click “Edit code”. Find “config/settings_data.json” and open it, copy all content of this file.
– Step 5 : Back to Online Store, click “Actions” button of new theme, then click “Edit code”. Find “config/settings_data.json” and open it, remove all content of this file, then paste the content you copied in step 4. Then click “Save”
– Step 6 : copy megamenu data. The megamenu data is stored in snippets/menu-data-main.liquid for main menu, and snippets/menu-data-second.liquid for vertical menu ( if exist ), just copy the content of these files from old theme to correspoding files in new theme. Then go to Apps > CDZ Megamenu, choose new theme and click “Save” button to generate new menu html for new theme.
– Step 7 : Test new theme in preview and publish new theme if it works fine.

Note :
* Your modifications in coding will be not available in updated theme. If you want to keep them in new theme, please let us know help you. Just contact us at https://codazon.zendesk.com/hc/en-gb/requests/new , our team will help you do that.
** If you have knowleage about css/html, you can make any change  by yourself in “Assets/custom-css.scss.liquid” file . Please take care when you make any change in CSS and JS file. Because it can make your site broken or conflict with some function, make it can not work right. So, you should backup your site first. One more, You should modify code in “Assets/custom-css.scss.liquid” file, we don’t ensure if you change in the other files. Please keep in touch with us if you have any discussions via our support center https://codazon.zendesk.com/hc/en-gb/requests/new . Thank you.
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